Use appropriate video equipment (e.g., camcorders, video editing) to prepare effective instructional and professional products. (AECT 2.2.3) Design and produce audio/video instructional materials which use computer-based technologies. (AECT 2.3.1)

Artifact 1: Alphabet Video

When I taught Pre-K I noticed my students were able to sing the alphabet song but were unable to recognize their letters. I created this video so that they would be able to associate the letter name with the visual of the letter. I created title page in KidPix and I the images I downloaded from Scholastic Printables. I brought them into Windows Movie Maker. I imported the song from a CD.

Artifact 2: Podcast

This is a Podcast I created to review the letter "Ll". I shot the video with a webcam and uploaded in on

Artifact 3: Holiday Read Aloud Video

I gave each of my students the holiday classic The Night Before Christmas for a holiday gift. On the book I left a note telling them to look for a special video message on our classroom website on on Christmas Eve. In this video I recite the poem. This video was shot with a Flip Video camera. I edited it in iMovie.