Instructional and Professional Products

Develop instructional and professional products using a variety of technological tools to produce text for communicating information. (AECT 2.1.1)

Artifact 1: Print Communications

These documents, created in Microsoft Word, are examples of professional print products I created. These documents integrated text, clip art and digital camera images.

Print Communications

Artifact 2: Presentation Application Software

I created presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint, Mapwing and Screencast-o-matic. These presentations incorporate clip art, stock images, text, animation, voice.

Presentation Application Software

Artifact 3: Instructional Web Pages

These instructional websites I created using Weebly. Two examples are webquests that I created that use text, stock photos, clip art, videos and links to interactive websites. Another example is a page that I created to post information and materials used for a professional development session on Glogser EDU. The last example is an online course that I created with the course management system, Moodle.

Instructional Web Pages