Print Communications

Produce print communications (e.g., flyers, posters, brochures, newsletters) combining words and images/graphics using desktop publishing software. (AECT 2.1.2, 2.3.3)

Artifact 1: Newsletter

This is sample of The Pre-K Post, a weekly parent newsletter, that I created while teaching Pre-K. I find effectively communicating with parents is important to a child's overall success in school. This document was created in Microsoft Word. It contains a border, clipart, and digital camera images.

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Artifact 2: Welcome Letter

This is a welcome letter I sent home at the beginning of this school year. This letter informs parents about classroom rules and procedures. It contains text, as well as, digital camera images and clipart. It also contains an image which was scanned, color corrected and cropped in Adobe Photoshop.

Download original scanned image

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Artifact 3: Classroom Management Description

This is a description of my classroom management system. I have students keep a copy of this description in their folders for their parents' quick reference. This document was created in Microsoft Word and contains text and an image that was taken with a digital camera.

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Artifact 4: Assistive Technology Flyer & Diagram

This is an example flyer that displays a diagram for assistive technology support. This document was created in Word, and the diagram was created using Dia diagramming software.

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