Presentation Application Software

Use presentation application software to produce presentations and supplementary materials for instructional and professional purposes. (AECT 2.1.3) Use appropriate software for capturing Web pages, audio wave files, and video files for developing off-line presentations. (AECT 2.4.7)

Artifact 1: Powerpoints

These presentations were created in Microsoft PowerPoint. The contain clip art, stock images and images created using the shape tools. These PowerPoints utilize animation to aid in the learning process.

Greater Than Less Than

Making Change


Fractions 2

Artifact 2: Screen Cast PowerPoint

I created this PowerPoint to review writing numbers in expanded form. Then I created a screen cast of it and posted it on my Edmodo class website.


Artifact 3: Classroom Management Description

This is a Virtual Field Trip of I created using Map Wing. I took the images using a digital camera and I uploaded them in Mapwing.