Combine electronic and non-electronic media to produce instructional materials, presentations, and products. (AECT 2.4.3)

Artifact 1: Multiplication Podcast Lesson

This is a lesson I designed for a 3rd grade colleague where students film music videos of multiplication songs using flip video cameras. Students then turn their videos into podcasts using podomatic.


Artifact 2: Hundreds Chart Lesson

This is a lesson that I designed for a 2nd grade colleague where students use an interactive hundred's chart on an Interactive Whiteboard to learn skip counting.


Artifact 3: Bullying Strategies Lesson and PowerPoint

I created this lesson for a group of Vacation Bible School students. In this lesson students view a Veggie Tales video on bullying. They also view a PowerPoint about strategies to deal with bullies. I created cartoons with www.toondoo.com to illustrate different strategies. Then students use role playing to act out different strategies.

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