Instructional Web Pages

Combine electronic and non-electronic media to produce instructional materials, presentations, and products. (AECT 2.4.3)

Artifact 1: Frog and Butterfly Life Cycle Webquest

I created this webquest in Weebly. It contains a blog and links to games, activities and videos. The webquest culminates in Glogster project.

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Artifact 2: Nursery Rhyme Webquest

This webquest was designed for Pre Kindergarten students. This webquest contains a blog, as well as, videos and links to games and activities. For the final project students are asked to perform their favorite nursery rhyme.


Artifact 3: Glogster Teacher Trainer

This website contains resources for a professional development session on Glogster that I created for my colleagues. The website contains a lesson plan, presentation, handouts and an evaluation form.


Artifact 4: 1st Grade Online Science Course

This online science course contains 3 lessons on plants, animals and weather. Each lesson contains activities and a quiz. This online course was created with the course management system, Moodle. The Animals lesson contains a modified scanned image.


Info Please access this course as a guest, with the password "pennstate".